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Medical Marijuana as Nausea Medication

Nausea and vomiting, whether due to chemotherapy, AIDS treatment, abdominal surgery, or another cause, can be effectively remedied through the use of medical marijuana. Clinical trials and patients' experiences indicate that smoking medical marijuana can both relieve nausea and stimulate the appetites of patients with nausea, reducing the risk of unhealthy weight loss in patients with conditions like cancer and AIDS.

Medical Marijuana as a Nausea Remedy

The anti-nausea effects of medicinal marijuana are well known both scientifically and among users who have experienced relief from nausea and vomiting. While cannabinoids isolated from the cannabis plant also help to mitigate nausea, smoking medical marijuana provides superior treatment for vomiting when compared to THC ingested orally. THC also improved appetite and reduced weight loss in patients living with AIDS, as a 2007 study showed. In a similar study during the same year in which scientists surveyed HIV-positive marijuana smokers, both THC and medical marijuana resulted in an increase in caloric intake and in weight.

While synthetic THC in oral form provides some of the benefits of smoked medical marijuana, many patients prefer to smoke or vaporize cannabis instead of taking a THC pill. Cannabis is a fully renewable resource and, depending upon local marijuana laws, patients may be permitted to grow medical marijuana at home rather than traveling to a pharmacy for their medication. In 1991, 54% of clinical oncologists surveyed felt that their patients should be able to obtain medical marijuana by prescription for nausea and other symptoms.

Medical marijuana is even effective for some patients whose nausea does not respond to traditional antiemetic medications. In one study published in the New York State Journal of Medicine, fifty-six patients were treated whose nausea symptoms had not responded to traditional antiemetic drugs. Of these fifty-six patients, 78% saw improvement after smoking medical marijuana.

Using Medical Marijuana to Treat Your Nausea

If you're interested in using medical marijuana as a nausea remedy, you should first check your state's medical marijuana laws to find out what steps you must take in order to use medical marijuana legally. If nausea is your primary condition, you may not qualify in all areas where medical marijuana is legal. On the other hand, if your nausea is due to a primary condition like cancer or AIDS, you may be more likely to qualify and may also find that medical marijuana benefits you by alleviating other symptoms and slowing the progression of your condition.

Next, you'll need to talk to your medical marijuana doctor. This can be either your primary care physician, a specialist in treating a particular condition, or a medical marijuana specialist. It may help to arrive at your appointment with a journal listing each time you've felt nauseated or experienced vomiting over at least a week's time. This will also help you record the results of your medical marijuana use and determine whether or not medicinal marijuana is effectively relieving nausea.

You may also need a medical marijuana caregiver, who can help you obtain your medicine if you can't or don't wish to grow and prepare your own medical marijuana. Choose an experienced caregiver who serves other patients using medical marijuana for nausea.

Disclaimer:This text is for informative purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice from a physician. Always consult your doctor before making any decision on the treatment of a medical condition.