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How to Locate and Choose a Medical Marijuana Caregiver

Medical marijuana caregivers are individuals who provide medical marijuana patients with their medicine. In addition, in many states, medical marijuana caregivers must do more for patients than provide them with marijuana.

For example, California Senate Bill 420 defines a medical marijuana caregiver as a designated individual who "has consistently assumed responsibility for the housing, health, or safety of [the] patient." In order to be immune from prosecution under state law for possession and sale of marijuana, a medical marijuana caregiver in California must not only provide cannabis, but also assume one or more of the three listed responsibilities.

Not all medical marijuana patients need a professional medical marijuana caregiver. Patient co-operatives are a viable alternative in some states. As always, be fully aware of your state's medical marijuana laws before buying, using, or growing marijuana.

Finding a Medical Marijuana Caregiver

If you've determined that you need a medical marijuana caregiver and have examined the relevant medical marijuana laws, you only need to find and hire a medical marijuana caregiver.

Many reliable online and offline directories listing medical marijuana caregivers exist. Due to the low wages and high risk that often go hand-in-hand with working as a medical marijuana caregiver, some of the individuals you contact may no longer be working in that field.

Consider asking your medical marijuana doctor to refer you to a medical marijuana caregiver. If you have friends or family members who are also medical marijuana patients locally, ask them to share their caregiver's contact information with you. When interviewing a potential medical marijuana caregiver:

  • Ask direct questions like, "How many patients do you serve?" and "Have you ever had a patient with [your condition] before?"
  • Describe exactly what you'll need from your caregiver and when you'll need it.
  • Meet in person and in a public place if at all possible, rather inviting your new medical marijuana caregiver into your home immediately.
  • Use Google to search for the names of potential medical marijuana caregivers. You may discover nothing of importance, but it's always worth looking at when hiring someone.

Medical Marijuana Caregiver Alternatives

Depending upon state law, if you don't need assistance with any aspect of your medical marijuana use aside from acquiring marijuana, you may be able to either grow your own plants or join a co-op. In addition, some full-service marijuana dispensaries can provide cannabis with little hassle, provided you have the appropriate paperwork and license.

Remember, however, that medical marijuana caregivers aren't just a convenient source of marijuana, they're also assuming personal risk for transporting and selling marijuana to patients. If you're able to find a medical marijuana caregiver who grows and sells medical marijuana, you've eliminated a great deal of your own liability. You may still be arrested and prosecuted for possession and use of marijuana if you're careless or unlucky, but the penalties for selling and possessing with intent to sell are greater than those for mere personal use or possession.

Disclaimer:This text is for informative purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice from a physician. Always consult your doctor before making any decision on the treatment of a medical condition.